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ssri induced sweating

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Guest carly

My Dr. just put me on Cyproheptadine for SSRI induced sweating after I showed him this article.  Cyproheptadine is an antihistamine and is also supossed to help with sexual side effects (which I was having earlier, but which seem to have faded). 

The sweats I have are only night sweats, but they're terrible.  I soak my sheets, pillows and blankets and wake up several times during the night to change my clothes.  It's disgusting and really uncomfortable.  It's also not so romantic when I have a lady-friend staying the night. 

I've been on Prozac and am now on Zoloft.  Both caused me to sweat.  I'm taking my first dose of Cyproheptadine tonight.  I'll let you all know how it goes. 

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You know what?  I was just thinking about this!  I'm on effexor and man, do I sweat at night!!  It IS disgusting, I know exactly what you are going thru.  I was wondering if it is an effexor side effect?

And, just sweating in general...I have never been much of a sweater, but now I am...I hate it!!!


I've not thought of it being related to taking the effexor...

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I, too, am sweating like crazy with Cymbalta and peri-menopause.  Yuck.  I wake up with my pillow soaked.  Gross.  It's mainly my head that sweats. Weird, huh?  Remember that animated guy on mtv?  What was his name?  He was only a head.

If this stuff works, I'd be interested in hearing about it. 

How much does it cost?  Does it make you sleepy?

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Dear Fellow Sweaty Ones:

I've been sweaty all my life (not a pretty sight in summer) and I'm at the tail-end of menopause and I'm taking an AD.  I started drinking soy milk (gah!) 2-3 times a day and the sweats disappeared within a week.

There's an enzyme in soy that mimics the effect of estrogen, so I  guess that's why it works.  You could eat tofu but I think it's easier to slug back the soy milk.  The brand name "Silk" is organic and they have a light version that has fewer calories than skim milk.  If the vitamin E works, I would love to hear about it, but it never had that effect for me.  The soy milk has worked now for 7 months.

I still get sweaty in this humid weather, but no more than is normal.  And I have NO night sweats. Just a suggestion!


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