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I'm so angry.

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I was hospitalized on the 11th and the doctors took from .5 mg on klonipin(sp) a day to only 1 a day. one does nothing for me. Also they didn't give me a refill, on that but gave me a refill on my other meds. yesterday I went to the mall and had a horrible panic attack. I felt like I was having a heart attack, hot flashes, sweating, shaking, felling frozen like, feeling like I can't breathe. I felt so bad because I was at the mall with my sister in law and fiance and I fealt I was ruining their day by my panic attack.

my doctos are horrible. I told my in laws about them and told me to go to their doctors.

I also had a panic attack like that today at the libabray.

I need those meds so I can function better.

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