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Okay, so I've always been on very low doses of AD.

Recently I have been bumped up to 40 mg of Prozac. And that is the only med I'm taking on a daily basis.

Now, I'm going through a break up and some major stressors.....but I still have a libido.

BUT, 2 times now, when I've been attempting to have fun with myself.....I never made it all the way.

It's like I want to and I feel like I'm going to and then can't.

And now I think I'm thinking about it too much.

THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM. I'm 25 and I've always had a strong sex drive...And I'm sure there is a thread about this somewhere...cause I know this is common...but jeez!

Should I back down to 30 mg (after talking w/pdoc)? Cause other than that I am really seeing positive effects of prozac. I'm SO surprised I'm not going through a Major Depressive Episode with the past few months of stress....but yeah, this is totally NOT cool.

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i can only speak about my experiences on paxil and lexapro, but i had the same problem. i couldn't orgasm no matter what i tried. it really sucked! my boyfriend blamed himself and thought he was doing something wrong. no, it was just my meds.

for me, it was a problem at any dose. at one point i was on 60mg paxil. he could have cut it to 10 mg and i still wouldn't have been able to finish the job.

i did get used to it though. i ended up being able to orgasm, it just took longer. it took a couple of months to be able to get to that point. i could do it again, it just required a little patience.

good luck!


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