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The Cycle begins..

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I personally think it is totally impossible for anyone to be stable this time of year. I have been on the right "cocktail" for months now--but this god-forsaken, sucking month comes along, with all its nasty fall-out for me--and there is no rescue from the ups and downs which my pdoc labels as "situational"

Tried messing with my meds last year about this time--big disaster. If its been working stick with it.

BUT--dear Tanya--if you are truly going down the Big slide as I call it, and you need a new doc to get things straightened out for you, go at once, do whatever you have to do.

We all know that terrible, creepy, inevitable feeling that we climbed way up to to the top of the playground-the higest top of the BIG KID slide---how fun! You can see everything, and you are bigger and greater than anyone else! But--the only way down from our lofty perch is the BIG slide, the one we are afraid of because there is no one to catch us at the bottom, and we don't know how fast we will go, or what if we get stuck half way down, and no one comes to get us? or what if we fall off the side? Maybe we should just JUMP off the top off the slide --but Where will we land? Is the ground even there? It was when we left it, but now we're not so sure--and it sure looks hard if we fall on it. And the worse--what if we start down, and we go really, REALLY fast? And can't stop ourselves? What happens at the end?

Oh, I know that slide so well--your pdoc can help, Tanya. Help you just stay away from that slide all together. Hang in there--we're all here, we've been down the slide--keep posting--we care--


china queen of the playground

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as far as your cycling goes, i know you've heard of "kindling", where with each untreated episode the condition worsens and each subsequent episode becomes worse and they are closer together?

so it is very important, as you know, to get on the right meds to stop the cycling, so you don't damage your brain further.

as far as bpd- i don't know. there is a lot of activity on that board though and i'm sure those folks would be more than helpful to help you navigate that DX-


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