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early waking

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I take sleep meds, which are listed in my signature. I have a problem. Every night I'm awake around 3 or 4am, reading (right now it's 'the white bone' by barbara gowdy, which I don't really recommened). I might fall asleep for an hour afterward but I'm always up around 5:30. I have no reason to be --- I'm on Christmas break. I might go back to bed around 7:30 but this broken sleep kills me.

I take the clonazepam around 8pm with my other nighttime meds to help me calm down, and then I take the trazodone 1/2 hour before I go to sleep, usually around 9:30-10pm. Could I be doing anything different that might help?


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Is your mind overly active? I'm having a boatload of troubles with my sleep where either I don't sleep at all, have to take major drugs to get about 4 or 5 hours of sleep, or go to sleep at one or two only to lay there until 7 or 8 am sleep for two hours then be awake for the day.

I know my mind is thinking too much but my docs FIL just passed so he couldn't see me as he had to leave for a week to tend to his wife and the family. Now I'm running out of seroquel(which blew me up like a balloon but helped me sleep) as well I'm out of klonopin. It was a long hard week. I'm hoping he comes back this week. He says he'll call and let me know.

Maybe you can add one more 0.5 of the clonazepam with the trazadone? Maybe call the doc and see if that's doable. That might shut off your mind long enough for you to get some sleep.

Take care


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Hi lilie,

The early waking thing isn't so much because my mind is racing as it is because I'm no longer "tired" anymore (Read: don't want to lie in bed anymore, want to get up and start my day). My doctor and I are actually trying to taper me off the clonazepam because he's afraid of it compounding with the trazodone to make me too sleepy during the day. I'm actually supposed to be off clonazepam now but I'm tapering a little more slowly than Doc had in mind.

This morning was no different, I was reading at 3:30, fell back asleep to wake up at 6:30. Doable, but necessitates an afternoon nap, which I won't be able to get once I go back to school.

I'm sorry about your sleep troubles and your hard week, as well as your doc's FIL.


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