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provigil vs wellbutrin

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My pdoc offered wellbutrin or provigil and we wound up chatting and he moved towards wellbutrin. cost is better for my co-pay and all that stuff.

However, curious as to the safety of provigil over wellbutrin? How about drinking with either of these, in moderation and not alot either?

Lastly, how does valium interact with either of these?

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Can't answer the safety question - any particular area you're interested in? I've taken WB for six years with no problems or side effects.

I tried Provigil as an augmentation for my existing WB and I didn't get anything from it at all so didn't continue with it, although am still taking 450 mg SR WB every day.

As far as drinking, my pdoc said I could have the occasional drink, but since I rarely drink at all it's not an issue for me.

Haven't mixed WB with Valium, but do take the occasional dose of Vicodin and Soma (pain med and muscle relaxant, respectively) with no adverse effects.

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