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My best friend sucks!


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I'm with you - it sounds pretty lame to me, unless everyone was too tipsy to drive. Even if that was the case, though, you'd think they'd say they'd like to drive you home but couldn't risk it. On the other hand, maybe everyone was exhausted from Christmas preparations and figured that dinner was about as much effort as they could stand in one day.

Well, whatever it was, the past is gone so try not to let it bug you too much. Always easier said than done!

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my friends know i don't have a car and plan on how to safely get me home if we are going to be there late. regardless. we either plan on me to stay the night if i have to get a ride/bus/whatever the next day, or we figure out how i'm going to get home.

so i think it's rude to not offer. does she normally offer, or would she? if it's a one time deal, i'd probably let it slide. if it happens a lot, i'd talk to her about it.


the busses here suck, so i usually don't go anywhere if the ride isn't planned first ;)


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