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Saddam hangs

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i've been saying this over and over since 9/11 (and did no one else notice the significance of the date?? i noticed it the day it happened because it's a trigger date but no one in all the conspiracy sites has even commented on it)...

That 911 is also the emergency number in the US?

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The scariest thing about it is that it was held on eid al adha (End of the Hajj) and the Four day Feast of the Sacrifice for Sunnis (of which Saddam was) and the Shiites. In Iraq law it's illegal to execute people Eid al adha. They hanged him before sunrise because technically Eid al Adha begins at daylight(and they said they stayed within the 30 day mandate between sentencing and hanging) but it's not going over so well for a lot of people. They're pissed. So the news is all across the board-some happy, some sad, a crapload angry for a variety of reasons but a lot of people are questioning the religious timing. It's not a good thing to screw around with religious issues over there. I believe we may have just lit a powder keg. We'll see.


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i'm sick of the hypocrisy- the so-called "war on terror" that has actually created terror in the countries we are supposed to be fighting terrorists in. what have we done to help anyone, or make ourselves safer? we've blown up some things and they hung saddam. now he's a hero to some people. just what we need- saddam as a hero. if we ever catch bin laden, what would we do with him? make him into a hero too?

i agree with abi- we can't have a concrete war on an abstract concept. and we're breeding more resentment everyday, especially i think with cultural and religious barriers/misunderstandings.

while i agree that saddam was a psycho dictator, i'm personally ethically against the death penalty. i was against the hanging because of my personal ethical beliefs that two wrongs don't make a right (just because he killed people, it doesn't make murdering him ok), and because i thought it would make him into a sympathetic figure/hero to some people, and it has.

what would have been wrong with life in prison? that's a crappy life!

but i'm not the iraqi court.

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sorry. should have explained the 911 thing. it's the emergency phone number.

because of that, it's also a date used by a lot of cult and military groups in the US as a trigger day for "call to arms" lol.

the whole thing has annoyed me since the day it happened.


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Abi ~ Me too! it has annoyed the poop out of me that everyone else has seemed to ignore the connection. I am positive that it wasn't a mistake.

they make sooo many other connections, some of which are so freaking bizarre (bush is the head of al queda, lol)... but they miss that. what a sad world ;)

glad i'm not the only one who caught it!


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yes, abifae I believe many notice, and for reasons you said, state of emergency, a call of such, 911.

It was chilling to the bone.

This whole thing is about terroism, I know my spelling sucks so please bear with me.

My heart goes out to all our men and women, so many just barely out of HS, young parents, single Moms.

My heart goes out to all the civilians that died in Iraq, all so young, children, parents, grandparents.

And yes we did see Saddam looking so pitiful, and I too am one that does not believe in death penalities.

It is barbaric and dear God on TV, filmed so, in just thought makes me so ill.

I could no inmagine being raised in such a culture where such is just the norm.

Oh yeah, in Bush land he would do it evey week before his family BarBQ's.

It all tastes like chicken.

I feel we failed so deeply again, by so many.

We can not change the world, especially if we are acting worse than them.

I found the most ridiculous line in the news during/after Saddams execution;

"Saddam executed but yet still many deaths"

Like no fuck!

Saddam was locked up for all those years, we are over there in WAR, what does Bush expect?

He is dumb, dumb, dumb!

Bring our soilders home!


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