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generic xl vs brand name wellbutrin xl

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ok, my pharmacist switched me to budeprion because he thought i wanted generics. i said i would give it a try if it costs less money.

ok, will the sudden switch from wellbutrin xl to budeprion xl be a problem?

will i notice a difference between the two as far as treatment? i have been very happy with wellbutrin xl and would hate it if there was a noticeable difference.

any difference in side effects?

or, will the generic just kick ass?

well, that's all.

thank you!

have a darling day,


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It will be interesting to hear if anyone notices a difference. I think that the generic XL just came out in December 2006. However, I've used generic SR Wellbutrin for years, and I couldn't tell any difference when I switched from name brand to generic.

I assume the same will be true of the XL, although I'm no pharmacist or chemist so whatever makes it XL may be harder to reproduce than the SR formulation. The basic Wellbutrin would be the same, though, and I would think that's where any real difference would show up.

Hope it works well for you.

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