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Something for everyone!

If anyone's been looking for a vegan cheese substitute with no gluten or soy, one actually exists now!

I've had a really hard time finding one in the past. As in I found nothing at all.

Just thought people might want to know:

Galaxy Nutritional Foods

If they don't have it at your store, ask for it, or contact the company and find out wher their product is and how to get it near you. They already have things in a lot of stores, just maybe not that specific product.

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more choice in vegan cheese! excellent!

now, i wonder if it melts. i'll have to perform some experiments. there's a certain brand of vegan cheese, which shall remain nameless, that actually catches on fire if you try to bake it! yes, smoke was coming out of the oven and i had a minor fire due to the substance. luckily, nothing was hurt except for the food i was attempting to cook.

lately they've been making some good stuff. there was one called soysation, but i haven't seen it around. it was so yummy. obviuosly not for people allergic to soy, but vegan. if you happen to see it, try it! and it does melt.

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