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Hi.. I'm lexi.. I'm kind of shy, so I might come off as rude sometimes because sometimes I try too hard to get things out so they come out the wrong way..

let's see.. I'm a college student, undergraduate... my life: I was molested as a child (from age 3 till 16) by my older brother (five years older), and my best friend died a few months ago... besides that my 'life' is alright... well not due to any merit of mine, but prior to my best friend's death I was quite sociable... then suddenly I started coming online most of my time, I would loose touch with reality if it weren't for the 'old' friends who keep coming up with reasons to see me. And my parents are supportive, more financially than psychologically, but that's good enough... my therapist is overbooked and gives me appointments 3 weeks after I ask for them, at which point I'd have gone through a million mood swings and hyperventilation episodes at social situations... It is funny I can manage to talk to a crowd of 1000 people but I can't get two words across when talking to one person...

more about me: I'm into BDSM/Ds (dominance and submission, yeah I'm sick that way pffft I just enjoy it), I am not sure of my sexual orientation quite yet, I think I'm bisexual. I also have body image problems, I have a boyfriend, he says he thinks I am pretty... but I think he just thinks he can't do better.. oh, and I met my boyfriend online.. we haven't seen each other in person yet.. so he hasn't seen me fully yet... I don't want to put labels on my introduction or in my signature... so let's just say I'm kind of depressed, kind of obsessive, kind of compulsive, kind of scared of people, and kind of really fat...

I vented in the ED thread a few days ago, and I got more support than I had expected... I'm grateful.. ;)

lexi :)

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Welcome Lexi.

You are among non-judgemental friends here just waiting to give you some support.

I am sorry to hear about the trauma of your childhood and the recent loss of your best friend. Surviving those two events alone tells me you are a strong spirit.

Keep on typing, we are listening.

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