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This is no kiddy cocktail...

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I am on






Vistaril (except for its being replaced by Meclazine short term for funky weirdness going on!)








Multivitamin (yaay anemia!)

Okay, here's the problem.

Geodon helps, a LOT. Just, not even close to enough. I'm still struggling with hallucinations A LOT. I mean... sometimes in tears because I just can't take them anymore, and I can't concentrate on anything else. But with the Geodon. Tons better. My problem is, i'm horribly afraid of overmedication. And! I have some funky medical problems going on right now... They think it could be something off with my brain. ;) although, something more... curable than a mental illness.. well, if they catch it on time. Either that or some funky muscular disease. But back to the geodon, I need more, but I'm horribly afraid that it will push me over the hump from lots of meds, to overmedicated. I don't think I can cut down on anything. Honestly. I'm hardly surviving off the Vistaril with anxiety. I thought well.. do I really need the lithium? So Ididn't take it for two days. BIG MISTAKE. It was like hell. So. I really don't know what to do. The non psych meds have to stay. Except the naproxen is probably going. And, I couldn't function at school without the Strattera. The Luvox is saving me from counting every single step I take, and doing TOO many rituals (although I still manage to fit enough in).

And... my track record with antipsychotics isn't good. Seroquel and Abilify- Allergic, Zyprexa-messed with blood sugar, Risperdal-Zombied out Navane-Zombied Out. Geodon is the only one, so far, that i've been able to function in society semi-normally. (hah, Although those trees that talk to me on the way to the bus stop can be entertaining! :) ) So. I really don't know what to do. Is there another antipsychotic out there that doesn't zombie you out as some of the other ones? I know Clozaril is left, but are there any more USA approved atypicals? And... are there ANY typicals that don't zombie you out as bad?

Yeah. Sorry for the long post.

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Well, i've had a time period where I was on MANY MANY meds, similar to where I am now. It was too much. I was a zombie, had no personality, slept 18 hours a day. Couldn't socialize. I wasn't myself. I don't want to be like that again.

Well, that's understandable. But that would mean that the med isn't helping because the negative effects are outweighing the positive effects. Just because you are taking a large amount of a medication it doesn't mean you are over medicating.

You are on a lot of meds. Definately. But if you think the geodon or something else could help, and your doctor thinks it is a good idea, the worst that could happen is that you try and it sucks and you have to stop. The best is that you try and it helps a lot and you can reduce your overall med list.

But I mean, for psych meds, I'm on five right now. Plus Depo for moods if you want to get technical about it. I'm also on 2 others for IBS.

Nothing compared to your extensive list, but it's still more than I would like to be taking. You do what you have to do.

Do your doctors know how concerned you are about all of your meds?

I don't know if you are getting harsh side effects from your meds right now but I would say that if you found something that you think might work and the reason you don't want to try it is that you are worried it might not, you should try it.

It's a bit early for me so I hope that all made sense.

The good thing is that you are more aware of where your limit is for side effects- exactly what is tolerable and what is intolerable for you and you know when you need to stop now. So you can be less worried of being like that again and being stuck as a "zombie".

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in the US a new atypical, invega, was just approved. it is a time released version of risperdal, so if risp zombied you out, then invega may as well. but it could be worth a shot if you're looking for something more potent than geodon. from the studies i've read, risperdal is more potent than geodon for many people. my pdoc said the pharma rep for invega claimed that invega has a milder side effect profile than risperdal.

do you know if geodon makes you feel like a zombie, or if it can be attributed to something else, or if it is just the sluggish combination?

maybe increasing geodon is an option.

maybe you don't have a choice in taking all of those meds.

my mom used to take way more meds than you, but has managed to get some of her disorders under control to the point where she decided the meds weren't worth it anymore. perhaps in the future you'll find less of a need for them, but need to accept them for now.

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Wow. I thought I was the blue ribbon winner on takin so many meds. ;)

Just a few random thoughts. have you ran your meds through an interation checker? I like the one on drugs.com. with Geodon, My pdc told me that it's more effective on lower doses and not higher doses for some people. More to come if I can think of it.

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