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Reverse Effects

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I think I've heard of this.

K, I took emsam at the low dose [6mg/24hrs] for awhile and it seemed to work, then it pooped out. So the doc raised it to the 9mg/24hrs. I've been on that for like... less then a week. My depression has been getting worse.

Now, it was getting progressivly worse before he rasied it. Just haddn't gotten this bad yet.

Since he's raised it it has gotten REALLY bad. I started cutting again. I'm now depressed in the mornings wwhere previously i was only depresed at night, i don't wanna get out of bed, don't wanna get out of my pjs, it's just bad trust me.

Now, is this part of the progression that would have happened anyway whether he had raised the meds or not.

Or is the emsam somehow making it even worse, is that possible?

Is there anyway for me to know?

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You could be having what's medically called a "paradoxical reaction", meaning that you get the opposite of the intended effect.

That's my uneducated guess. I've had this reaction before to pmeds. I would suggest talking to your pdoc about this.

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