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I'm on Geodon right now. 80mg BID.

I don't think my doctor will go any higher.

I don't know what i'm going to do. Can't live like i'm living. Having REALLY weird symptoms. BUT! It could be a brain abnormality, waiting for the MRI and MRA COW tomorrow.

However, if its not... a med change is needed.

My problem...

Tried list:

Seroquel - Allergic

Abilify - Allergic

Zyprexa - messed with blood sugar

Risperdal - Lower doses did nothing, higher doses zombie

Navane - Zombie

Haven't tried clozaril, but... I'm scared to try it.

That leaves typicals. Which, I basically know nothing about, except for I think its more likely to have the zombie effect than atypicals. Which basically means i'm screwed if that turns out to be the case.

So.... what are peoples experiences with typicals or clozaril? the good and bad.

And, since geodon is helping some.... should I just add another one on? or should i go off and go onto another?

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Im sorry that Geodon isn't helping much febrezeaddict. I'm a possible Clozaril candidate too and like yourself I have run the gamut of atypical anti-psychotics. I was on Haloperidol for a while and I still take it PRN, I absolutely LOVE haloperidol but I can't stay on it full time (even though the p-doc is practically pleading for me to do so) because it messes with prolactin, stops my menstrual cycle and premature menopause and severe osteoporosis run in my family. I am not willing to risk my future fertility for haloperidol but a great drug nonetheless. You might find it doesn't mess with your prolactin levels as much as it did with mine. And if psychosis is your problem - haldol is extremely effective. Combined with Olanzapine it completely eradicated my psychosis. I don't have any experience with other typicals

Good luck with your med hunt, I know how shitty it is! And good luck tomorrow with the MRI

blackbird x

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Since the Geodon is helping a bit, it might be worth going higher, just make sure to do an EKG (or whatever those things are called). I've been on higher doses of Geodon.

Also, not all of the typicals are zombifying. I've been on two, Fluanxol and Haldol, and I liked them both. Fluanxol isn't that great for psychosis though. So I wouldn't be too scared to try a typical. Sure, there's the extra risk of EPS, but it's not guaranteed to happen.

I've actually been on THREE APs at one point. Zombie.

But striking the right balance and finding two that complements eachother should be possible.

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remember, there is the new Invega, the newest atypical. it is a time released version of risperdal, but the FDA considers it to be its own drug.

the pharma rep told my pdoc that it has milder side effects than regular risperdal and seems to be better tolerated.

prolactin is a huge problem for me, so we decided not to go with it and i'm back on abilify instead.

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I'm on Abilify now to make this hypomania go away (it was FANTASTIC at first but now my mind races to the point where I'm useless at work). I have taken it for 2 weeks now - and nothing. I see a new doc in 3 weeks - hopefully she will give me something that works!!!!

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