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I would love nothing more than a simple ebook reader that JUST READS BOOKS. I don't want one to surf the internet, or play games, or show pictures, or make me breakfast in the morning. I just want a fucking ebook reader that shows text in a variety of lighting conditions, can read multiple formats (instead of some DRM locked naziware reader), is light weight, and doesn't eat batteries like a teenager eats potato chips, and costS less than $100.

I know. I am dreaming. Whatever.


That being said, I was given a Sony Clie (palm thingie) and found some software that lets it work as a primitive ebook reader. After stumbling around on my Mac (couldn't get that to work) and hubby's Winderz machine (XP), I was finally able to get it going, get the ebook reader software installed and even got some books on it. Unfortunately, I can see all the formatting commands. A bit distracting...so now I have a few questions...

• What can I do to make it so I can't see the formatting commands.

• Has anyone here ever gotten a sony clie to sync with a mac running OSX 10.39?

• Why are the big publishing houses such douche bags?




www.baer.com (sci-fi books for free and for sale)


On project Gutenburg, I checked the TOP 100 to see what was moving and the number one book

:::insert drum roll:::

The Kama Sutra (french translation)


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ok feeling ignurant here

what does an ebook reader do

and since you two seem pc savy

are there any good voice recognition programs out there that you know of?

friend up the street has lost her sight

I really miss her stories

hoping that I can find something so she can email again, cause it's alll about me yano

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Blind PC users typically use a screen readers. They are not cheap ( $900 for basic JAWS) and often require training by a professional. Usualy purchasing and training is done by a government agency. I worked in AT for years while I was in school. It's why I'm anal about accessibility issues.


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what does an ebook reader do

Here is one of the commercially available ebook readers.


It basically lets you store a bunch of books that you can carry around without hurting your back. What the iPod has done for music a good ebook reader could do for literature. I wish Apple would hurry up and invent one. (Hey Steve Jobs! Quit gloating over that stupid phone thing and get me a reader!!! I have cash!!!)

Many independent and small publishers and book stores are offering their books in the ebook format now (www.fictionwise.com). Sure, you can always read them on your computer, but I like to read sitting on the porch, in parks, in the garden, in the car on long trips, anywhere I have to wait for long periods of time (dmv, court house, etc) or in the bath tub. (Guess I should add "water proof" to my dream machine specs, eh?)

The problem with the new Sony eReader is that it is freaking expensive...I think it is going for $350. That is way beyond my budget for something I could lose. I mean if I lose my iPod, it would "only" cost me $74 to replace it (painful but not impossible). For $350 I would be afraid to take it anywhere it would actually be useful.

As for my little experiment...still no luck getting rid of the formatting commands with the Palm software, but I did pick up a program called PLUCKER. Not only is that not giving me the extra junk, it has a scrolling option with adjustable speed. I love it!

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wow thanks VE

I'll let them know

price is steep but hey can you imagine being cabin fevered and sightless?


I like that idea

plus I wouldn't have to hide the covers of the gruesome/romantic/whatever book I'm reading

but yeah, waterproof, less than $100 would be good too

good luck and keep us up to date if patent people come a knockin' @ your doors

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