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I've posted on CB before; a few times not long after I registered (about a year and a half ago) and more just recently, but I'm not a very active poster. I'm actually pretty bad at expressing myself. However, I really identify with a lot of the situations/experiences people have shared here.

I doubt I will have much of value to contribute, but reading this board is very helpful to me, and I'm really grateful to have found it. I hope I can perhaps return the favor in some small way.

about me: I'm 32, my dx is bipolar1 and I take 350 mgs of Lamictal and 200 mgs of Topomax. I also have an underactive thyroid that currently isn't being treated. I was diagnosed bipolar at age 17 and was noncompliant until about three years ago, for various reasons. There is more I want to say here, but it would probably be more appropriate on another board, so I guess I'll stop now.

*waves to everyone* thanks for having me here.

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