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Adderall XR Rocks!

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at first i thought it sucked, because my expectations were too high and i don't think i really appreciated what it was doing. i know now that nothing i try is going to be 100%. i still need my organizational skills and supports.

however, adderall makes it a LOT easier to do everything. it is especially easier to drive.

since my hair started falling out around the time i started adderall, i was blaming it for my hair loss. but today i found out it was my prolactin from my risperdal (and i've already quit risperdal for abilify). so i don't have to worry about choosing between my hair and my relative sanity.

i was almost done with a 150 page book yesterday when i realized that not only had i read it straight through with no breaks, but i had also not stopped to daydream or gotten distracted by the wall either.

my pdoc made the comment that while usually i was looking slightly drugged before, the adderall perks me up and i look bright now. i appreciate not looking or feeling like a zombie.

overall, adderall rocks!

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