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Would it be REALLY stupid to try Dexedrine?


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First off, I've had some psychotic "issues", auditory and visual. Once, during a week when I took the wrong dose of Geodon, also... fucked up thinking... I felt everyone was out to steal my inner energy. Not fun.

That was almost a year ago. Since then, things have been mostly fine. My bipolar is completely under control, as well as my panic attacks. I can still get some visual weirdness when I'm tired, but not really hallucinations.

If this was someone else, I wouldn't recommend stimulants at all. But this is me. Heh. I was on Concerta and it did something, but not enough. I had horrible nightmares and also got very irritable, so I stopped that for a week or so. But my sleep was still shitty and my focus was horrible, I skipped school a lot more. So I need something to finish this goddamned high school.

I've tried Provigil. No effects whatsoever.

I've tried Edronax (kind of like Strattera). Better focus but rapid cycling from hell.

I've tried Concerta and it's not helping enough.

I've tried Ritalin in combination with Concerta (a total of 114 mg methylphenidate a day). Major overload on my CNS system. I went crazy.

I think in my case, the problem wasn't the medicine, it was the doses I was on. I was fine on lower doses of stimulants.

Now I just started 30 mg of Ritalin, divided in three doses. I can barely feel I've been taking it, but we'll see how school goes. At least no visual weirdness yet. And I'm staying the hell away from coffee.

The majority of people in my class have ADHD and/or Asperger's, so many of them are on stimulants. Yesterday a guy asked me about Provigil, since he heard I was interested in neurochemistry. He has tried Ritalin and Dexedrine, and is doing much better on Dexedrine (except for heart issues). He thought this was because Ritalin works more on norephinephrine, and Dexedrine more on dopamine. He felt "jittery" on Ritalin, but Dexedrine has made him much calmer. He's probably the calmest guy in my class, and I never could have guessed he had ADHD, whereas it's not uncommon for me to walk away from class to go draw on the whiteboard.

Aaaaanyway. I'm rambling but I want to give you the background picture.

Could Dexedrine be better in my case? Is it true that the dopamine action has less of a jittery feel to it than ephinephrine? From my understanding, Dexedrine is "stronger", depending on how you define that, but does that mean it's also worse if you have a history of psychotic symptoms?

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