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Have to admit I'm scared

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So I'm free for the next two months -- no students, no screwed up administrators, no pointless professional development. The perfect time for big med changes.

Current meds:

Effexor XR 450 mg (11 yrs at 375, 4 mos @ 450)

Abilify 15 mg (3 mos)

Dexedrine 5 mg (2 days)

Found new pdoc 2 days ago after trouble with old one. He seems smart and he wants to spend the summer getting me off of Effexor and onto Lexapro or Celexa and possibly also Wellbutrin. He said he will take me as a patient if I trust him and overcome my fear of trying something new. He's right, of course -- if Effexor is allowing me this hideous depressive episode, why would I want to stick with it? It's not as if things can get much worse than they are now, when I've been as close to suicide as I've ever been in my life.

I'm worried about the discontinuation syndrome I've read about on CM and CT and here; but it is summer after all, & I'm not responsible for other people and barely for myself, so what better time to try.

Before trying anything else, he initially added d-amphetamine, which in the two days I've been taking it feels like a good call.

I've read plenty about d/c syndrome on Effexor, so I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what to expect. My real question is, Has anyone here switched from Effexor to Lexapro? How was that change? Did you add in anything else for depression (I'm MDD/refractory/recurrent)? He talked about adding in Wellbutrin, which I tried to no effect 12 years ago -- but I'm willing to try it again in combination with something. I'm willing to try any combination, as long as it works.

Thanks for listening & any input you can offer.


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I'm glad to hear you've got yourself a new doctor and will be getting a med change moving!

I've gone off Effexor at least once and I didn't have terrible withdrawal problems from it. That you'll be moving onto other meds at the same time should really help with whatever effects you do get. Remember, not everyone has the same side effects -- so you may have no trouble with the process at all.

I took Wellbutrin and Celexa together for a while a few years ago. It kept me stable over several months (in a situation where improvement was not really possible for other reasons).


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Sounds like a good move to a new pdoc. Trust and rapport are good. So is being smart.

I went off of Effexor and onto Wellbutrin, then added Zoloft. Going from 200 mgs Effexor down to 75 wasn't pleasant, but wasn't too horrible either. But getting from 75 to 0 was not a good thing.

Cross titrating onto an SSRI while getting off the Effexor should smooth the waters somewhat.

I got really depressed during the switch over. If that happens to you, remind yourself that it's drug-related, NOT you! I wish I'd thought of that at the time, but I wasn't thinking very well.

We'll be here. Let us know how you're doing. And good luck with the new pdoc.


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I was on Effexor for a relatively short time, dropped it because of bad stomach upset (might have blamed it unfairly, it was probably iron supplements). I stopped cold turkey. NOT GOOD. On the other hand, as bad as it was, it was short lived. No more than a few days of the significantly bad. You should be fine if you go off slowly.

I am currently on the Lexapro/Wellbutrin combo. (This seems to be a popular mix.)I also have recurring depression. I have had problems most of my life (I'm 49 now).

I happen to like Wellbutrin, but on it's own it did not stop me from sliding. Right now I'm on 300 mg XL, and 10 mg Lexapro. It's been pretty good. You might like it. I was also on dexedrine for a few months a couple of years ago. I loved it! But I knew I couldn't have it forever, and reluctantly dropped it.

I think Wellbutrin can be a good stimulating med. If you tend to be really tired when you're depressed it might a good choice. I have that problem of feeling exhausted, and Wellbutrin changed my life.

I've ridden the AD pony on the med go round to some extent. This has been pretty successful for me.

I'm glad you're getting a new pdoc (I might do that soon), and getting a chance to revisit your meds.

I wish you all the best with it. Be well, and don't worry about the effexor.


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I tapered off of Effexor XR 300 mgs after about 6 months on it.  I was worried about the withdrawal, but I did better than expected.  I tried not to read all of the horror stories, because they just scare you too much.  I have taken Wellbutrin and Celexa since I stopped the Effexor XR.  The Wellbutrin helps with the general type of depressive symptoms.  The Celexa helps with depression related anxiety.

Katie ;)

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