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New Upstairs Neighbor


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i have a problem with the upstairs neighbor. and i thought the old neighors (one was a heroine addict) were bad! this one woke me up at 3am with her salsa music. for weeks i decided to not make waves and just tolerated her busting, blaring "music" at all hours. ear plugs didn't even help. i was drugging myself to sleep with klonopin.

then at 2am one night i'd had enough. i called the cops on her! in my little community, you get in big police trouble for disturbing the peace. they went up there to talk to her, and she wouldn't tell them her name! i had to tell them her name! what a weirdo.

when they left, she was pounding on the floor, calling me a "fucking bitch". excuse my french.

now she's only loud during the day and early evening. it is still very annoying, but not illegal.

i wish i owned a really nice sound system to play her some of my favorite music that i'm sure she'd find obnoxiuos, but allas, i don't have a stereo. ;)

i'm thinking about cutting out pictures of headphones from the ads and putting them in her mail box :)

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Once upon a time when I was married, we lived under the worst neighbors. Salsa and rap all day and night. It was so bad sometimes that our baby daughter couldn't sleep when she needed to. We called the cops quite a few times. Ultimately the manager got so tired if their habits they got evicted for being a nuisance. You could check with management and find out what the rules are. after that, bitch, rave and moan as needed. In most states, there are laws about disturbing the peace and so on. Usually the management and police don't tell who made the complaint.

I know it sucks right now, but I'll bet the problem will take care of itself in time. Hang in there.

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i'll be hoping you can find a nice place

I remember pinky always having the worst neighbors

nothing like NOT being able to relax @ home

when are you suppose to escape the rest of the world

if you have no peace


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This is really ridiculous and the way these places are built, which we were shown since they were still in construction phase when we leased in.

They are rentals that are condo quality, gated, etc, expensive, all that shit.

We have neighbors that drive all the BS won't go into it.

They did all the background check like done by the freakin Bush people.

I am going crazy, I am going to be moving sooner and buying sooner than we planned or most likely are ready too.

My hubby thinks I am exaggerating because of my PTSD, and that i have not ever lived in a so called apartment setting before, which is not 100% true, did live in that townhouse.

Anyway these totally I am gathering spoil immature, disrespectful, male and female bitches moved in just a month ago in carriage house that is somehow connected where garage is under us, and their bedroom wall is beside ours.

They have montrous range rover and the newest ramped up I think M6 BMW which they ramp up under us, late night AM. Hubby is out snoring away.

Then after hubby leaves for work around 6AM.

I wake to screams in my dreams.

Not ones of oh god, or moans of pleasures.

But screams of horror pain.

I freak out, I want to run, my adreanaline kicks in, I feel all freaky.

Then I realize it is her screaming in sex.

It is no sound I fuckin ever heard in this world in any movie or anything in sex.

It is pain.

Of course when I tell hubby, he taunts me saying what do I know about sex.

I get so pissed off.

And they don't do it on weekends when he is home.

It is right after our garage door goes up and down, on weekdays.

And they are home all day with me, they don't work.

I am with you loon, I want though a tape recorder to tape the noise.

It is horrible, and so loud, for it is only noise I hear, beside their car when they rev it's engine.


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that sucks aly!!! i've had rotten neighbors, like the ones in college and teh herione addict who used to live in that apartment upstairs who played the keyboards all the time thinking he was some kind of rock star, but this girl takes the cake.

i'm sure a tape recorder would pick it up. i have a digital one that i could always feed into the computer to save memory on the tape recorder, and have a nice, long record of sound files for when i go to bitch.

lately, since i called the cops on her, she's been an angel. i think they must have put the fear of the goddess in her! i think my landlord's policy is that if the police have to come 3 times, they evict you.

now, i have some new dancing boots, but i'm too afraid to dance around here in them (wooden floors) to break them in because i'm afraid i'll make noise and she'll retaliate...but i'm only restricted after 11...

still, i don't want to be the dumbass to her that she is to me.

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