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There is nothing on this planet I look forward to more than when my left eye starts twitching. That means it's coming. The shakes. The shivers. The tremors.


It lasts about a month, and it varies in intensity, but when I'm stressed it's worse. Right now I'm stressed:

  • My son has been sick for a week and is desperately trying to get well so he can compete in vocal competition next weekend. He's taking steroids and binging all over the house.
  • My mother in law is in northern CA and may or may not have cancer - I think the doctor knows but she can't hear anything he says so we get conflicting information.
  • My mother in in the hospital with pneumonia and a pleural effusion. Not a big deal for a lot of people, but my mom has had two coronary artery bypasses in the last 11 years - a triple and a quadruple.
  • Now I'm sick...and twitching...and coughing...and craving ice cream.

I gotta get rid of this headache and meditate or something. Either that or find some tape to hold down my eye.

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