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Canada to ban drug exports-WTF?

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From todays San Francisco Chronicle:

Official Says Canada to Ban Drug Exports

06-29) 10:36 PDT TORONTO, Canada (AP) --

Canada intends to ban the bulk of export prescriptions to the United States and other countries to try to control Internet pharmacies, the health minister said Tuesday.

Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh said he must ensure Canadians continue to have access to an adequate supply of safe and affordable prescription drugs and would launch initiatives, including legislative and regulatory changes, to protect the supply and safety of Canada's drugs.

Sales of the drugs have become popular with Americans seeking cheaper medicine.

President Bush's administration opposes the prescription drug imports, and federal regulators warn they cannot guarantee the safety of drugs from outside U.S. borders.

But Canada has dismissed concerns about the safety of drugs sold in Canada, saying Canada's regulatory regime was tougher than the U.S. one.

Drugs sold via the Internet often go for much less than in the United States.

As part of its socialized medical system, the Canadian government sets drug prices that are lower than those charged in the United States.


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There is more to this story...the large pharma companies have been pressuring the government here to crack down on the cross border sale of drugs, going so far as to say that they will not guarantee the availability of drugs to the Canadian market.  The reason is obvious...the drug cos sell their wares in the US for far more than in Canada and by having Canadians sell it back across the border at a cheaper price the drug cos lose out on valuable profit.

Heaven forbid the drug companies only make a mere billion dollars instead of two billion.

Anyway...the fact is that these drug cos are getting nasty and saying they might not guarantee supply to the Canadian market unless Canada takes action to reduce sales to the US. 

Sorry to my American friends, but I would rather guarantee I get my meds.  It sucks, too bad your Administration won't get off their asses and do something about medication prices.

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i dont really have much to say regarding this but...what i DO know is...

i work in the call centre industry and we have a few clients who deal with 'cheaper' medication from canada.  its unfortunate that you guys have to pay so much for your medicine...and its a shame for a lot of the older people in the US who NEED medicine and cant afford it - for whatever reason.

its really sad. 


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It does suck having to pay more for my husband's medication than we make a month...but we are not poor enough to qualify for aid. Then again, another Canadian forum member was told she needed to wait 3 years to see a psychiatrist. I think both of our systems suck, but each in their own special ways.

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