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Do I think she deserved the money?

<$DEITY> knows I could not have kissed that old raggedy man and acted like I liked it.

Do I think that the Anna Nicole stuff deserves more air time than more important things?

No. But that's the way things are in America. Now that she's gone it just leaves more time for Paris.

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My mom was saying last night, "What did she ever do? She never did ANYTHING so what is she so famous for? Why does anyone give a shit? The only thing she ever did was marry a rich man," and she was so MAD and that's really unlike her. She's a very magnanimous person and not judgmental.

So I said, "Well, actually, she was a Frederick's of Hollywood and Guess model and also a Playboy playmate. And she modeled for those companies while being very, well, voluptuous and not a stick model so she was quite a sensation. The new Marilyn, as I recall. So she's not just being famous for being famous."

And not that I care about Anna Nicole Smith but I agree, too, that she deserved the money but also that she did something BEFORE she became a media circus and that was she made being fat and glamorous cool again, if only for a little while. And god bless her for that, too!

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I miss her terribly, the world really lost something that day.

She was a shining example of a free spirit! It used to put a smile on my face to hear of her latest adventure, *shakes head and smiles* "Oh Anna Nicole, what will you do next?" She just didn't give a fuck mate!! Who can put a price on that? *reaches in pockets*- Give the girl some money.

And now what are we left with...? (Britney *may*

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