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I hate introducing myself.

Let's see. I've been here since before the split, and I feel very attached to so many of you, despite the fact that I just lurk, mostly.

Currently, I am on Paxil for anxiety, and Strattera for ADD symptoms. I have some recent additional stressors in my life that are really kicking my ass. So I went to Pdoc who upped my dose of Paxil and added the Strattera. Now I am still living with the same stressors, while trying to adjust to the addition of Strattera.

The Strattera is jerking me around. I am jittery at night when I want to sleep and dead tired from 4-7 when I have to care for my kids. I am constipated and I have that "feel like I have to pee but I don't" feeling. And I have a need to sort of stretch my legs at night. Sometimes my legs jerk at night. Fun

However, I seem to be more able to be organized, and I seem to be remembering stuff that I normally forget. I am more able to complete tasks without losing interest and wandering off to start something else.

Plus, I don't know if it the Paxil or the Strattera or both, but I am much calmer, my affect is ever so slightly flatter, and I am less prone to hostility/anger, since I just don't care anymore. This is good.

The outside stressors are not going to go away for about a year. So I am going to have to learn how to live under these conditions. Right now I am not too happy about the entire situation.

I am going to try to join in more to the life of the board, but unfortunately, I worry that others will think my posts are stupid or worse, and naturally, this ups the anxiety. But it is worth a try, I think, since this is such a wonderful group of people.


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I'm glad you decided to introduce yourself.

You might want to post about the legs jerking at night in the sleep forum- some people may be able to relate or give you information on what might help.

It's good you are trying to post more- I think a lot of people get anxious about posting but like you said it's a good group of people.

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Welcome, sorry that you are having a crap time. I am sure no one will think your posts are stupid, I bet you have a contribution to make like everyone else does. Happy posting!

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Greetings and Salutations Pickle!

Welcome to the Board(s), fora, etc...! (sorry I'm a bit hypo at the moment!)

No one will think your posts are silly or stupid or any such stuff. I mean, if they put up with my Kitty post nonsense then your posts will seem scholarly in comparison. AND I'M ONE OF THE ADMINS! HAHAHAHA!!!!

So you can just chill out and post whatever you need. We're cool here. Rant, rave, post kitties. It's cool.

Sorry if I'm a bit hypo, I'm having a moment. But that's cool here too. Part and parcel of letting the loons run the place.

So kick back, relax (or not if that's your bit) and do what floats your boat.

If you need any help, PM an Admin, Administrator or mod. Check out the nifty Help button up at the upper top right-hand corner or even check out the Newbie forum.

And welcome!

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welcome pickle!

I've been around forever it seems and still no intentions of starting a springer

so you're much braver than I!

sucky to read you're in a situation that you'll have to bare (no invitation to go skyclad/nekid I MEAN) bear...umm yeah

put up with for a year

how the heck are you gonna cope with that?

does pdoc have a good therapist lined up for you?

with chillens are you able to make time for YOU?

ok back to reading-mode-me

oh mama don't believe I left this window open alllll day

can't figure out how to transfer pics from a cell phone to my pc

was going to post a pic of kitty here...

+ homeschool stuff...

drinking loads of tea...

and yeah just rambling:violin:

hmm can the spoiler hide my fav smiley

hi pickle! hey where's a WAVING smiley???

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Wow. Thanks for the wonderful welcomes!

I am not in such a good place, today. Emotionally, not physically.

I went to a lovely live performance this evening, and while the show is going on,I am thinking how much I suck. This is not right. I get so mad that I am thinking about how stupid and moronic I am, rather than enjoying the show.

Anxiety and depression suck big time.

anyway, your responses were just what I needed to read. I think I will read them again, as they brought a smile to my face.

To answer some questions - I have a great tdoc. I am working hard at getting to the root of what has - in part - caused me to be as anxious as I am. But this sort of in-depth therapy is hard. It stirs up all sorts of feelings that had been neatly repressed for all these years. I am just starting the real hard part of the therapy. I am sure I will be less stable for a while as all this inner turmoil is stirred up. I feel like I have a worthy and caring guide in my therapist, and for that I am very grateful.

Time for myself without the kiddies? Ummm. Not really. Well, when I go see my tdoc - does that count as "me" time? As I mentioned, for a year or so I have additional stressors that not only are emotionally draining, but physically demanding as well. So if I have free time, I generally take a nap.

Oh, wait! I did see a show this evening! No kids! See, there you go. I do take time for myself- once in a great while!

Anyway, thank you again for such warm responses. I really appreciate everyone here.


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