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I'm bart simpson

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I don't know about chat I don't go there cos I type/think too slow, but the forum is cool.

So for real time CHAT, there's alink at the top of the page. For illness/medication related discussion over days/weeks there is the boards and for generalised bloggy talk there is "the basement", that's down the bottom boards like springer and whatever.

So chat can mean different things to different people, but I'm sure you'll work out what's best for you before long... your welcome to them all.

Dan AKA "dan" lol

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Hi HMIS, welcome!

Glad that you found us. Don't let all the forum categories scare you, feel free to post. If you need help pm any of the mods. For chat you can use the 'Live Chat" link at the top bar or go to #crazymeds using a chat client. People pop in and out, the busiest times tend to be evenings East Coast, from say 6pm - 3am, emphasis on 'late'. ;)

Cheers, a.m.

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