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definitely too many meds, or not enough

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Here are my meds and what they do, generally speaking:

Depakote ER 1500 mg, Migraines, mood stabilizer. Not so good as an MS right now

Nardil 15 mg 3x For depression, Doesn't work well but MAOIs are pretty much a last resort.

Halcion .25 mg For sleep, doesn't work well

Risperdal 1.5 mg General shizophrenic symptoms. Still see and hear things.

Vistaril 50 mg PRN, For anxiety and agitation, works marginally but pdoc won't give benzos

Nexium 40 mg, esophogal erosion, also to help stomach handle Indocin.

Cogentin 1 mg x2, for major EPS from Risperdal

Librax 5-2.5 mg 3-6x, FOr IBS, works about 1/2 the time.

Indocin 100 mg 3x chronic pain, joints and muscles. works only marginally. Can't take other types, like opoids due to what I'm on.

We may be adding a muscle relaxer, topamax or lamictal and/or Synthroid down the road.

I have major tolerance issues. I'm pretty much at what I can take and still walk. I would list the side effects but it would take forever.I feel like total shit but I get a little bit of relief. From some of the other posts I've put upi've gotten some good advice and I appreciate it. I just hope by providing a somewhat bigger picture somebody may see anything missed.

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