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this is Mr. Thread

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Mr thread is here to discuss mixed states from hell.

Currently, Kaylani is having a really shitty mixed state.

She feels like someone ran over her good mood, and threw it over a clif... then tore it apart.

Yesterday Kaylani started feeling depressed... and fell asleep in DBT.... Kaylani rarely falls asleep in things unless she's over drugged, or falls from mania into depression or mixed states.

Currently Kaylani has tons of energy, is very impulsive, wants to be sexually active, and whatnot. However, she also has no interest in things, her mood is depressed, appetite grew even worse. Can't get suicide and Self harm out of her mind.

She is also hallucinating..

She just saw her pdoc thursday. He said to come back in 6-8 weeks. Kaylani doesn't know what to do.

She just can't function like this. But is afraid to go to pdoc, since its such a recent visit.


Oh, and she's also starting to feel like whats the purpose of therapy anymore? Why not just... cut it off.... and why take meds... and why even try?

So she's in a funk.

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just because the pdoc says to come back in 6 to 8 weeks or whatever, does not mean that you have to wait that long, If you feel that you are having psychiatric difficulties that need to be fixed, like, NOW and not in 2 months, you have every right to call your doc and make another appointment. if you are not doing well, there is not reason why you should make yourself suffer just because you have recently seen you pdoc. that means nothing. you go to the doctor when you need to go to the doctor and you shouldnt feel bad about doing it... it is what they get paid to do anyway, ya know?

please take care of yourself and talk to the appropriate people.... please? just do what you have to do to get better and fuck how recently you say the doctor... that really has no baring on anything if you are not doing well. there is no reason in the world for you to have to wait 6 to 8 weeks. it is ridiculous to wait that long if you really are suffering so much. do what you have to do in order to get YOU better, Kaylani... seriously...

please be well and let me knoe how you are doing.


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I'm so annoyed with my ADD (inattentive) (my apartment's comparable to Alanis Morissette's hairdo) that I'm not waiting the 4 weeks until my pdoc's appointment to take action on the ADD. I'm going to go see my GPdoc soon, if not today (established patients are allowed limited weekend hours and 'urgent appointments' therein, yay). Actually, my entire life is a mess with my ADD, doing poorly in class, walking around confusedly at work unable to keep on one task at a time (partially due to brain rot, but I'm sure ADD has its part to play).

I'm also going to ask him, while I'm at it, if a sleep study would be appropriate, since everybody (including those here on CB!) have been screaming that I need one done. My Pdoc is very conservative in his management of my case (which is one reason my father wants to get involved; he wants an advocative party). Needless to say, pdoc is overly conservative. No benzos for me, no ADD stims for me. So I go doctor-hopping (yeah, I know it's frowned upon).

But in your case, I think it's even more warranted. Please do check if 'Kaylani' can see an alternate (probably general) practitioner to get a med or two sorted out.

hope this helps and get out of mixed land soon,


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A mixed state, along with the ADD, was probably the reason I lost my job last week or so. I continue to be in one, am screaming at everyone and everything--yet all I want to do is sleep, or take too many pills, or wreck my car, or better still, run over someone else.

Going to pdoc next Tues--what a waste--and the tdoc in 2 weeks.

Kaylani, I am in love with Mr. Thread,and he never lies. We BOTH need to get of our asses and do something about this crap, don't you think???

we gotta do something, kidddo--


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