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The fight!


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So... my roomate is PISSING ME OFF. Gosh darnit. I come in late, she's not in bed, so I'm working on putting stuff away, as soon as she tells me she's going to bed.. I start yanking stuff off of my bed so she's not bothered once she gets to sleep. There was a LOT of crap on my bed.. and a bunch of stuff in plastic bags... they are bound to make noise. HELLO!

So... she says "BeeeeEeeeeeeEEEEEEEee QUIET!" with a nasty tone. So I say "I'm trying to get the fucking shit off my bed... okay?" She's like "NO I want to go to bed NOW and you are preventing me from it. I said "well I need a place to freaking sleep tonight too, so I need toget the stuff off my bed." So I start taking things off of my bed, as quiet as possible.... no biggy? Think again. She's like BEEEEE QUIETTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!" me "whatever"... so she starts throwing things... yanks her sleep apnea machine off her face, grabs her blanket, and stomps out. she lays on the couch in the living room..

I start going balistic, and the nurses are like "Well she does need to sleep" and I'm like "I'm trying to make it so she DOES freaking sleep. crimony. And so I take stuff off my bed and place it so my other roomate, and her, can get the bathroom. And someone keeps on turning the light out in the kitchen area (connected to the living room area with couch, so I keep turning it back on. And she gets pissy... and I'm like you can go in your fucking room now" And she is like "finally... you should be coming home sooner anyways." me "Fuck off" ... then after she goes away... I start crying.... because I was so fucking mad, and all the thoughts I'M not the one thats going to feel the wrath of Nancy....

So .... all of my thoughts jumpe to my old roomate.... I never had a fight with her... and its still hard to admit to myself she's dead... ;) So I'm sobbing, and want to talk to staff aobut it... and they are busy doing report.... so I sit and sob myself to sleep on the couch. So Apparently I sleep there all freaking night (or what was left of it) until 7am.... and I wake up.... no one had bothered to touch me.... and I got up.. peeked in my room.. she was gone so I went back to bed. And we haven't spoken to each other since.... and Now i'm at my parents house. So it should be interesting. I just can't freaking take that I get accosted every time I go in MY OWN DAMN ROOM, for making a little noise.... its SICK OF IT. She acts like she's not sharing a room with anyone.

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so, you live in a house with other people and not in a dorm situation? since most college students live in dorms, in my past posts, i have been assuming you live in a dorm. i'm sorry :wtf:

ask for a change. that's all i can say. or tell her you'll beat the shit out of her if she doesn't comply ;):cussing:

i had a roommate once who insisted on having her boyfriend over all the time, at night. i finally got sick of it, started yelling and screaming (i lived in a residence hall), and kicked him out. then my roommate was so mad with me that i spent the night on the lounge couch, and in the morning we had a big discussino with res life. basically, she got in trouble for having any male in the female-only building :cussing:

her sleep apnea seems to be an issue. ask her what time she must go to bed and try to abide by that. have demands of your own that must be met too, so she understands sharing. you might want to meet together with whoever is in charge of your house to get some mediation for your problems. sometimes another party to mediate can help a lot.

it sounds like she's a spoiled little brat who has "sleep apnea". like she can't wait 5 minutes while you do your thing. clearly she thinks she's princess of the world.

if it were me, i'd be doing mean and malicious things to her. but i'm sure you're the nice sort and would never torment her in seen or unseen ways :)

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