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Ever since the hospital, my eyes have been dialated... now I'm not talking a little bit... i'm talking like, you don't really notice the iris anymore dialated. I have to stay back a bit to read with my glasses on... but if I want to read something else, I must take my glasses off. My eyes are not accomodating. Its frustrating because I have about 400 pages to read for my classes... and I cant freaking do it because its SUCH a strain on my eyes. GRR. They think its the cogentin... but they halfed the dose, and no change. And the only time they've chose to behave, and get smaller when light comes... is when I was in the freaking doctors office. Anyone had this before? or any ideas?

my meds are:

Lithium 1200

Cytomel 50

Cogentin .5 BID

Haldol 5 BID, 5prn

Geodon 80 BID

Strattera 40mg


Singular 10

Verapamil 120 BID



I doubt that these matter.. but..

Colase (sp?)



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