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I am a bipolar recovering alcoholic...am starting to wonder if I'm Borderline.

Can you be Borderline and NOT have angry outbursts, as well as not "elevating/desacrating" people?

Thanks, Boland

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you do not need to meet all 9 of the DSM IV traits to be borderline, so yes, you can be borderline while not displaying two.

have you asked your doctor about this?

Thanks, Penny...I am going to ask my therapist about it this Weds. I am in the midst of switching pdocs. The new doc (who I like very much and has experience with eating disorders) has so far taken 2 hrs. of history, with more history to be taken. I am going to bring it up with him, although he's at a bit of a disadvantage not knowing me very well yet.

My old pdoc (whom I've been with for years) diagnosed me BP1, rapid cycler, and never really asked me any questions which would lead to a diagnosis of BPD or not-he has been strictly med focused, and as it turns out, clueless about eating disorders, thus, the new pdoc. But, I am going to bring it up this week.

I seem to fit at least 5 of the DSM list...

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