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I had a rehearsal today for a play I am in. I started to get anxiety about a certain scene and suddenly just couldn't be there anymore. I was really overwhelmed and felt like I couldn't do anything with my body or understand anything. I tried really hard to fight it but was just on the verge of tears. There was a lot of dancing involved and I just couldn't take it. I was really about to panic and hide in the bathroom for the rest of rehearsal if I tried to "tough it out".

So I gave in.

I lied and said I wasn't feeling well and went home early.

I feel really disappointed.

This hasn't happened in a while and it just feels crappy.

I felt all shaky and hot and everything was wrong. I was starting to get short of breath.

I couldn't stop it at all I just had to get out of there.

It just really sucks.

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i'm sorry you had to leave. i know i get quite flustered in my dance class when i can't figure out what muscles the teacher is using so i can't figure out the move. i have to work really hard not to curl up in a little ball of panic in the corner, flapping until the world goes away.

when is the next rehearsal? is it anything you can practice in the safety of your home?


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I know what you are talking about, and it is a very defeating feeling. The truth is, you weren't feeling well. It wasn't a lie.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you are deficient in some way because of this. Something was off today that made you feel overwhelmed. It doesn't mean it will be off next time.

Try to give yourself some slack (believe me, I know it's easy to say...)

Sending you a good vibe,


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I'm sorry you had such an intense panic attack. Are they recurring? Maybe you can see about getting some ativans or whatnot.... I know that i carry mine everywhere I go in case I need them ( and I usually do). You were completely in the right to ask to go home. I would have done the same thing. Hope you're feeling better, thanks for sharing

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