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but I can pay attention to everything, sequentially, over the course of a few seconds.

midterm at 2, studying is very hard. took some klonopin.

mom coming into town tonight, for martial arts event (gun show and potluck). can't buy a gun legally but will look at all the pretties and maybe buy some knife jewelry if they have it again. or a better knife for eating lunch with. and sausages. they have sausages. sausages are great! so fatty and delicious.

we have all these thing we have to study and my memorization capacity is on the fritz. Just able to look at notes and read what they say. aggh!

when I get really wired now, like within the past year, I feel a need to wave my hands around in front of my eyes and in my peripheral vision. what the fuck is that? only happens when I'm wired so I don't think it's eps.

if I can focus on lunch long enough to eat it I'll probably feel a little better. I made radishes by cooking them in chicken stock. Very tasty but they look an unhealthy shade of pink.

I don't have a calculator that does logs and nothing says we need a calculator or should have one or can have one but someone in the other section left one behind so maybe I do need one but I'm not going to go buy one because I already bought a calculator that doesn't have logs. fucking math, anyway.

I wish I had some tabasco sauce. A lot of it. That's all.

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