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greetings from a chronically depressed person

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a friend pointed me to crazymeds today.

and i'm depressed.

no clue how long i'll stay here. i may run away. it happens.

i've had a big letdown recently - i interviewed for what, to me, sounded like the perfect job. in interviewing for it i realized that i want MORE than what i have currently for work, and i knew i hated where i am now, but this made me realize that i really do want more, even though i am abso-fucking-lutely TERRIFIED of the more. i fear success. very very scary.

so, i interviewed. went thru an agency to get the interview. and the agency didn't contact me. my recruiter left the company. i had to call them this week, and discover that someone else got the job.

i'm crushed. yesterday i spent the day in tears. today, i'm just depressed. but at least i'm not leaking from the eyeballs like yesterday.

i recently changed meds - hell, can't remember dosages, but now i'm on wellbutrin twice a day, and prozac in the evenings w/ a wellbutrin chaser.

it seemed to help. for a bit. and now i'm depressed. and i've fucked up money stuff, though i am actually working on fixing it.

and it's lunchtime and i'm hungry.

- poppy

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Hey Poppy,

Sorry about the job.  (passes the Kleenex.)  We pass lots of tissues around here, but we laugh like loons too when we're in the mood.  Pull up a couch and stay for a while!


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Glad you are here. Stay as long as you want, pop in whenever you choose. Some people lurk until they are comfortable.

Sorry your job fell through. ;) I'm sure there will be others.

Take care of yourself!

Sondra B)

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