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Hi, my name is Nina. I only just recently started getting help for my emotional issues, so I don't really know very much about myself as of yet. I originally decided to get professional help as I was getting older and needed to take on more responsibilities in life. I soon found that the responsibilities I took on (typical responsibilities for people my age, such as getting a part time job and going to university) caused me massive amounts of stress. My behaviour was deemed "not normal" and "problematic".

My two biggest problems seem to be dealing with people and handling stress. Having a job means dealing with both, which seems to be the ultimate recipe for disaster for me! I quickly become stressed, volatile and angry; get panic attacks and throbbing stress-headaches; and ultimately become depressed and overwhelmed with life. Suffice it to say, I am currently not working, heh.. I am, however, at long last finishing up my degree. I find that I am able to handle school better because I can do most of the work from home, and the only person who relies on the outcome of my performance is me! Goodness knows what I'll do once I'm done, heh..

This year I also completed a psychoeducational assessment where I found out that I fit all the characteristics for ADHD, Predominantly Inattentive Type. My psychologist didn't want to make a concrete diagnosis due to the interference from my emotional issues which could affect the results. I've always had problems staying focused and getting things done. I am easily distracted and tend to go from one thing to another, not really working on the things I should be.

I live with my mum and fianc

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