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New to BP2; lifelong member of bad choices!

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Hey everybody, my name is Jenny and I just got diagnosed with Bipolar 2. I didnt even know there was more than one kind and have had Bipolar friends so I didnt think I fit the profile.

Anyways, I'm in my 30's, have tried different antidepressants and anxiety meds over the last 8 years. Got clean off methamphetamine 3 years ago and have been taking Effexor XR since then. Apparently the Effexor gave me enough clarity of thought that I could finally figure out that there was still something not right with me so my doc sent me to a phsyc and guess what, BP2. I've been reading alot this week and things are finally starting to make sense. Of course now I'm kinda thinkin now what? where does it go from here?

I'm currently taking 75mg Effexor XR and the doc started me out with 600mg Lithium. Its been almost a week with the Lith, I felt kinda nauseus at first but now the only thing I really notice is I'm not sleeping so well which is not normal for me.

Had a very manic day yesterday, way increased energy like I was high and this is also unusual for me as my mania usually doesn't manifest itself like that. Unfortunately I feel alot less energetic today and I'm kinda bummed about it. I like being productive. Oh well.

I am looking forward to having a more stable mood but I'm curious, will treatment help me with all the other stuff too? you know the not paying the bills on time, not cleaning the house often enough, basically the 'not giving a shits'? cuz that tends to get me in alot of trouble!!

Anyways, this is me crazy-recovering drug addict-emotional-bitchy-oh yeah, mother of a 14 yr old and 9 yr old;

hoping to meet some new friends!

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