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When do you need to go to a hospital

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This is probably the world's stupidest question but I am going out of my mind here.  I've got terrible anxiety, and I wouldn't say that I'm depressed, but I've been having these raging panic/crying attacks that last for hours, and more than a few times I've thought about killing myself.  I haven't done anything but I've thoughnt about it.  My dad says that I need to go to the hospital and potentially be committed, but I don't want to be in the hospital and I don't see what they'll do for me. It's terrible i can't eat, sleep or stop crying. 

Alot of this has to do with my work ... I've been off on a temp-leave for about 3 weeks because my doc felt that the anxiety had gotten to the point where I couldn't function at work, plus am going through effexor withdrawal so that makes it worse. I just got a call from this horrible woman who runs the private disability insurance saying she has denied my claim and that she has informed my employer than none of my absences are medically justified.  I don't know how they can do that when my doctor says I'm not mentally stable to work!  Right after, I get a call from employer saying I may have to pay back the 3 weeks of pay they gave me...and I don't have that kind of money.

So now I'm really feeling at the end of my rope, hoping somewhere here will be able to help

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Hey Green-

The only advice I can give (besides taking your benzos) is to handle one thing at a time. Don't worry about tomorrow just do what you can do today and focus on one thing at a time. Anxiety swells out of unknown territory (tomorrow). Don't think about tomorrow.


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Call your doc asap.    Forget that crazy lady.  What a dumb bitch.  Call your doctor and ask him/her if you need to go into the hospital because you are feeling a,b,c...

By the way, your dr can legally fight the disability lady by appealing her bullshit claim with filing tons and tons of paperwork and overwhelming her with technical sounding phone calls and faxes.  He/she did advise you to not go to work did he/she not?  Do not take that sitting down.  You can get that fixed with stubbornness and straight out craziness.

If you think that you might kill yourself, don't second guess yourself.  Just go to the damn hospital.  We don't want to lose you.


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Afraid of the hospital? I understand, I've been in that situation of fearing everything. I understand your panic, right now I'm jobless and without insurance, cannot see my pdoc because I have no money or insurance (and am BP/GAD/PTSD)...I've thought of becoming a call girl and all sorts of crazy ideas!


The thing about the hospital is that they have help and services there to help you get your situations straightened out. I've been in the hospital 3 times and there were people there will all kinds of mental disabilities, including anxiety. From what you are describing, with your pdoc insisting you are not able to work, you could benefit from the hospital.

So you don't fear the hospital and in case you've never been there, this is what has happened at the 3 different hospitals I"ve been admitted to-

You sit in the ER for eternity, crying and shaking, and nurses kind of tiptoe around you like you're about to axe people. That is the worst, because you feel isolated, alone, and totally anxious about what is going to happen to you. However, this is the worst of it and passes within a few hours. I'm being honest and letting you know what to expect.

Then you go to admissions at the hospital. This includes an intake interview. The pdoc and/or nurses talk to you about what is wrong and try to get a history, if your regular pdoc is not at that hospital. They assign you a pdoc and you may have to hang out at the hospital and get situated in your room for a couple of hours or so until the pdoc arrives.

The pdoc will see you ASAP, I think they're on call for emergencies like this. S/he will talk to you and look at your history/records, and prescribe stuff. S/he may keep you on the same meds or change them, you may have to titrate down on something and start with lower doses of something else.

There are always classes/day programs that you will have the chance to attend. 1 hospital I was at (the first one, the one that sucked) made me go to the classes, even though I was in side effect mixed mania hell and was non-functioning. They had kind of a merit system based on how much you cooperated with their bullshit.

But that was only one place I went to. I think it is out of the norm. The other two places made the classes optional, and realized that due to our illnesses and meds that we may not be able to get out of bed, much less attend classes.

The classes are usually about stress/mood management, anger management, and other stuff. Some of it is useful and some not. There are usually group sessions where loons can talk and help each other. Sometimes there are individual therapy sessions with a tdoc and sometimes just with nurses. One place, actually the place I thought sucked, even had "art therapy". The art therapy was fun, except that I drew a tree without leaves and with owls and squirrels in it at night, and they decided that since the tree had no leaves and it was night, that I must be suicidal still. Huh? I thought it was peaceful and hopeful, because there were animals living in the tree...sometimes they're crazier than us!

Once you get stable on the meds and your symptoms are controlled and you are no longer a danger to yourself, usually after about a week, they will talk about discharge. If you are not ready to leave, make this clear! At this time they give you social services to help you deal with issues, like your work/disability stuff. They are really useful as far as that stuff goes. They will even help you figure out how to pay for your treatment if you have no insurance.

After leaving the hospital you will have the opportunity to go to day programs on an out patient basis or not, or join support groups. There is after hospitalization support too.

Hospitalization saved my life 3 times. I felt better after each visit. I'm actually thinking of going again, except I have no insurance and was just there in Feb. Not that it matters how often you go, you go when you need to.

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