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so my basement is flooding ...

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yeah, flooding. as we speak. water running in through the basment window as the rain comes down, and the snow melts, and the trees are covered in ice, and i am waiting for everything to stop working and bad things to happen to the power and the house, and i don't know anything about any of this, and so i called out from work, because i am afraid to leave the house while the water is running in through the basement window, and my head feels like it is going to crack wide open and anxiety shoot out like a volcanic eruption.


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Yikes. See if you can find stuff to block the window from outside and direct the water away from it.

Anything will work. Shovel snow up against it. Dig up dirt from the garden beds. Do you have any bags of mulch or potting soil?

Take a shovel or garden hoe and dig some trenches away from the window to redirect the water.

Good luck.

a.m. 'The joys of home ownership"

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It will be okay T,

AM has solid advice, and as long as the water doesn't get above your electrical outlets you should be okay on that. You can also shut off the power to that area if you're really concerned, assuming you are comfortable with that. I don't want to sound alarmist here, because it takes a lot of water to really mess up a house's system. Just be careful okay? Standing water + electricity = bad.

If you can deal with crowds, can you pop down to Home Desperate and buy some sand bags? Anything around the house you can make a dam with?

If you need more specific info about the electrical stuff, PM me and I'll get you through it. And please update us/me when you can.


edit: WZ beat me to the sandbags.

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sand bags/bags of anything!!! what a great idea!!!

it's weird how the panic shuts down the thought process.

i was out there with a big tupperware thing scooping the water up and out. but it just kept coming back. see the water was pooling in one of those metal half circle things they put around basement windows. i tried to set up a syphon hose, but the "well" thing is lower than the ground level so it wouldn't work. i finally just gave up, and unplugged everything in the basement that was plugged in, and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't rise too high (ok great, now i have debbie harry singing "the tide is high and i'm moving on" in my head).

the water table is really high around here, and the water just didn't have anywhere else to go with all the rain and melting snow. but i don't like the idea of this happening again. i'm wondering if i could just seal up the window some how, with like silicone or something. i don't know. i figure basement windows must have a purpose, so that is probably a bad idea.

i am just glad i was able to finally get out of the panic loop of going up and down the stairs and looking at the water, and getting more and more anxious, spiralling out of control about all the disasters that could happen.

seems to have calmed down for now. the water is no longer 2 inches high up on the window, and it is not actively flowing in at the moment.

do normal people need to stay home for stuff like this, or is this just my anxiety issue calling out here?

thanks for the feedback and support. of course this has to happen when the wife is out of town! ack!

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Hi T:

I hope during the past few days things have dried up.

If my basement was flooding (well, i dont have a basement...but if i did) I would just stand and scream. OMG. there is no way i could handle a situation like that.

so, I am very proud of you. you were able to write a clear & literate post in the midst of panic. this is good!!

may all the electrical thingys be dry & usable. and may your basement see drier days.



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