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Hi, I am new here...yep.

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Hi, I am Keri from Wisconsin.

I am diagnosed with BP 2...should have been since I was seventeen...but, that's another story.

Currently I am off meds, awaiting an appt. with my pdoc. I am sure I will get the attitude when I go itn cus I went off my meds. But, they were really messing with me. I am not opposed to meds, per se. I just want to find one that works, and currently my shrink thinks he knows me better than he does. I am planning on setting him straight when I go back. And if that doesn't work, I am switching shrinks.

I am awaiting a hearing for disability. I have my doubts I will get it because nothing ever goes my way that way. I was able to work for eighteen years straight, but not at the same job (try 45 or more!) and for some reason the disability people seem to think that is stable. HA.

Currently I am at home, married with two kids. I am waiting to get a cast off my foot from a broken fourth metatarsal. I actually walked around on a broken foot for a year and didn't know it. Not the first time stuff has happened to me that I couldn't explain.

I am second generation crazy. My mom is the poster child for all that was wrong with the mental health system in the 60's and 70's. My son is also diagnosed with BP. We have truly made it a family affair.

I am moderately educated, high school grad with some college. Of course, didn't stick with most of that either. I have a certification as a Nursing Asst and as a Cardiac Telemetry Technician. Not working at present, as I mentioned. Burned too many bridges and finding a job is almost a joke. Hence the disability thing.

Ok, I have said enough for now. But, am glad there is a site like this. It is awesome. Thanks to the admins. for it.

Feel free to say hi.


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