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Had my EMG today

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So I had my EMG today. It was basically hell. They kept not being able to find whatever they were looking for so they had to shock me over and over again in the same places. Then there were the needles. One of the times they stuck me I couldnt' do the muscle movement they wanted me to do. It was like they wanted me to push down with my left foot like I was driving a car and for some reason I couldnt' do that. So that took us about three times as long as it should have. And then when they stuck the needle in my back they decided the needle wasnt' long enough so they took it out and went and got a longer needle and stuck that one all the way into my back. So yeah I didnt' enjoy the EMG at all.

Now I feel like my nerves from my back down my leg are all jumpy (and this is six hours later) and like all of my muscles in that side are sore and bruised.

And the worst part is that the doctor who did the EMG basically told me that the test was pretty much inconclusive. She said that based on the results they couldn't rule out a disc problem but they also couldn't say for sure that there is a disc problem going on. ARG ARG ARG. But she said that when the neurologist gets the results in a few days he should be able to give me a better sense of my prognosis and diagnosis.


I'm just frustrated and sore right now so I'm going to go sulk in the corner.......

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I had an EMG/NCS done not too long ago also. They suck!!!! I had it done up and down both my arms. I think I got electricuted at least 50 times (they have to do both arms for comparison). Then the guy put the needles in wrong so they hurt like hell. I had one heck of a bruise a couple days later.

I sure hope they find something so you don't have to go through this again. I would have been pissed if they didn't find what we were looking for when I had mine done. Now I get the joy of having surgery. Yuck!

BTW...my muscles were very jumpy for about a week after it was done. I guess being electrocuted that many times has an effect on your muscles. They never warned me about this side effect. I thought my finger was going crazy because of some of the meds I'm taking. Hopefully, your muscles won't take a week to calm down like mine did.

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