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I've been registered for a while and as I intend to post more now I thought I'd better say hello. Hello :)

I live in the UK with my partner and our 2 kids. I like planning silly revolutions, playing with my 2.5year old daughter, nighttime, the colour Green, coffee, Amsterdam and any product that's sorta shrinkwrapped in that celophane stuff...etc.

I was dignosed as Bi-polar...erm...properly at 27 (3 years ago) but it started when I was about 21 really. There were semi-diognosis at times when I came contact with the authorities doing wierd shit, and some cool stuff. ;) But I was very good at avoiding treatment and 'self medicating'. I just didn't beleive it really, thought the bastards were trying to pathologise my personality...Around 27 I was starting to get proper psychotic at times, wouldn't shut up about the most alaborate bullshit, had some strange ideas...lol...Anyway, y'can't avoid it if they section you, can ya? Nope. It was then I introduced to the crazy world of mental health treatment.

I was a bit of a prick at first. I Found it really hard to take the stuff they wanted me to, I felt strange...emtionally numb..'not me' on it all. At first I was on Lithium, Depakote & Olanzapine. Hated it!, too emtionally numb - smiling but not really giving a fuck about anything at all. After that I went through all sorts of combinations and then stopping and starting and getting put in hospita...Rinse and repeat..

I've caught on now. Yes I am BP...although there's still a voice inside that says 'naaah, no ya not!' when I hear others or me saying it. I ignore it. I choose to accept the evidence these days.

1200mg lithium carbonate, pretty much alone, I find a good compromise between fuckin' loon and indifference, treatment wise. People around me at times disagree :cussing:

Anyway, I hope I can add something of worth to the boards. :wtf:

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This is a good place, It's always nice to have newbies.

Thanks, Dan :)

I've been a sporadic lurker for a while - I already like it. Seems more real to me, less fluffy. Some other boards on bp were soo....well...((((ringworm)))))...yeah, bullshit.

Plus, I can type 'Fuck' here without it going to - X"%

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