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could use advice/ experience/ ideas.. support

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Well this is my 3rd crack at this posting,, so whatz that tell ya,,

and i have posted up under 'pole dance' dozens of times... hmmmm

I am a 51 yr M of BPII> BPI with rapid cycling & now whoopie , mixed states... of , well since about 20y, and haven't been able to work since ~90 and

really have had a hard time in the last year venturing out the house...

My present cocktail: Cymbalta(yeah), wellbutrin,clonazapam,topamax,lamictal,resperidal,dexidrine,the odd zyprexa..

Now I just went back on it after trying 'something else' again.. mistake... as always..

I need the cymabalta and the dexidrine,, first I found the cymbalta was so way better than effexor... It is the Norepinephrine and then the

dexidrine was on one of the,, heh, some people on the board with similar issues tried this,, and i have not ( after decades . ect/therapies of every type,/I thought every drug combo-and some ,wow,, well look at what I am on now),, well the dex. made a big difference.. HMMMm

These point toward the ADD issue that has been tossed about on and off...

Renewing a shot at this after my recent ( 1 month ago) proof,,, I went full on after a ADD angle and found Strattera--- again board suggested and

so I look into it... norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor for adult ADD

Now putting the big factor that sets cymbalta apart/ the dexidrine's ++ve effects.... this has me more than a bit,, well HOpeFull

Especially upon reviewing my history which I will mercifully spare you from.

So.. Comments,, any experience... general oppinions... ideas... any feedback is valued.... thanks in advance..

;) david :cussing:

sometimes people say I grasp at straws,, some of us, sometimes, loose sight of straws or begin to doubt their existance.. maybe you identify...

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I don't have ADD but would love to have the drugs. Hee hee! I just wanted to let you know that we do care, or at least I do. And, damn! We're on a lot of the same drugs! Someone will come along. PM one of of the Mods if you don't get a response and possibly they could help you.

Take care, Sondra

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Hey--see my answer under BP--but Strattera instead of dex will make you very unhappy and very sleepy, as Strattera is super=mild compared to dex. Just a thought--


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