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Another nail in the coffin,, but could this be the root

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:) Well this is my 3rd crack at this posting,, so whatz that tell ya,,

and i have posted up under 'pole dance' dozens of times... hmmmm

Needing any experiences. A thought or two ,, wucha thinka,, AND DO READ MY RESPONSE TO CHINACAT BEFORE GOING ON. WOULDN'T WANT TO WASTE YOUR TIME.

I am a 51 yr M of BPII> BPI with rapid cycling & now whoopie , mixed states... of , well since about 20y, and haven't been able to work since ~90 and

really have had a hard time in the last year venturing out the house...

My present cocktail: Cymbalta(yeah), wellbutrin,clonazapam,topamax,lamictal,resperidal,dexidrine,the odd zyprexa..

Now I just went back on it after trying 'something else' again.. mistake... as always..

I need the cymabalta and the dexidrine,, first I found the cymbalta was so way better than effexor... It is the Norepinephrine MUCH HIGHER.active IN Cymbalta ,,and then the

dexidrine was on one of the,, heh, some people on the board with similar issues tried this,, and i have not ( after decades . ect/therapies of every type,/I thought every drug combo-and some ,wow,, well look at what I am on now),, well the dex. made a b i g difference.. hMMMm

These point toward the ADD issue that has been tossed about on and off...

Renewing a shot at this after my recent ( 1 month ago) proof,,, I went full on after a ADD angle and found Strattera--- again board suggested and

so I look into it... norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor for adult ADD

Now putting the big factor that sets cymbalta apart/ the dexidrine's ++ve effects.... this has me more than a bit,, well HOpeFull

Especially upon reviewing my history which I will mercifully spare you from.

So.. Comments,, any experience... general oppinions... ideas... any feedback is valued.... thanks in advance.. OR NOT

david,,,,stressed, depressed... and ?hopeful?

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Thats a butt-load of meds, kiddo--

but I have found that much of my cycling/BP-ness is apparently more ADD-ness, and have gone on Adderall with good success. Still on the WB and Zoloft, tho-- Strangely, can't take the Adderall without the Wellbutrin. But this little mix, with Tegretol added in, has stood me inpretty good sted for a year or so.

You ARE doing all this with your pdoc, right? Cause, as I said, sounds like a lot--and like I also said somewhere, sometimers we get so hung up in what meds do what (on paper) and what our dx is supposed to be, and how am I feeling right this minute that we make being crazy our jobs. I did that for years--no longer

So--all I can add is that Adderall is my friend, as apparently dex. is yours--which may point to ADD-ness? But then, following my above rule, you shouldn't care, and just take what works, which is a real hit and miss thing.

(At first I thought this post was for me--my years ago, long time nickname was Majic--well, maybe I helped.)

yours in weirdness--


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Thats a butt-load of meds, kiddo--

but I have found that much of my cycling/BP-ness is apparently more ADD-ness,

You ARE doing all this with your pdoc, right?

(At first I thought this post was for me--my years ago, long time nickname was Majic--well, maybe I helped.)

yours in weirdness--


I don't know how to thank you c.c. ,, I have just about given up on this forum / board!!!!

:cussing:The last few times I have posted , I have got f*** all back in any sort of response/ support,, nuthn,,, don't no the magic words...but this used to be someplace i turned to for help.... that was a while back.... recently,, It has done dick all for me,, Ya know, out there everyone treats 'us' as ''leapers' <sp> and it so doesn't feel good to be a voice in an empty forest around those that have similar problems.. so it REALLY brings me down....

Rejection by fellow MD people,, wunderful.. well my circle of friendsss {not} lost have isolated me enough, time me thinks to find a different support group!!

Cuz this is not working for me..

So again I dearly thank you for your imput:

Yes , it is all done under the supervision of a wonderful and creative pDr, who allows me to 'experiment' with different combo.. thank God for him, for had I not found some of these combos, I most certainly would not made it this far,,

for example,, Cymbalta is not even avail here in Canada, so I have to buy over the internet // I tried to make it without in jan.. an experiment we agreed on... well I we were relying on just what was avail here.. cuz I tried em all ( 30yrs at this remember) it would be gun / mouth time a while back..

My life is reading and trying to keep up with what is up with latest .. this mixed states thingy.. well Abilify states a specific use against this hellish

thing.... via Dopamine... something to look at... serotonine is not the neurotransmitter that has answers for me..

Last reports I read... it is up to about 7 that seem to have some play in this melody of our illness and associated illnesses// eg ll ADD..

all one big soup... YOU CAN NOT SEPARATE THEM OUT LIKE SOME WOULD LUV TO DO>>> how many recognize that neurotransmitters have a part to play in tinnitus...

Well ,, Maybe I should have whined about the trouble on the weekend about my manic episode and how many people I went to bed with,, bet I would get all sorts of feedback... whatever... ;)


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It's not just you, December' ;)

I read your inital post and had no idea what to say that would have been a help in anyway...dnd I was blown away with the amount of meds you are on....maybe chill with the font usage and colours a bit...jus' sayin'.

I hope you find some relief from what ails ya. Good luck

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Love ya, but stil think you are over thinking this whole thing--do what works. If you want to try to taper off somethig, do it slowly and see what happens, before you add another log to the fire.

My experiences: overthinking the dopamine vs. seratonin, receptors, etc.etc. just made things worse--and very confusing.

And remember, we ADD/BP people have trouble reading and concentrating lots of times--so all the colors, etc. may be a bit much for some of us, sometimes. Doesn't mean we don't care, or want to help

on your side--'


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well how interesting... and thanks to all

sorry bout the font and color didn't know it would have such a negative effect perhaps moderator should look at having option removed

seems it is readable and worthy of a reply of defense,,,

though not one of support ( ex cc)

says something about maybe it is legible afterall, more about interest in response

I never thought or expected a little support had to come in the form of great knowledge or the ultimate answer

I appreciate leasons learned today, I worry people fear their words hold no value unless they are Opra or dr phil

or maybe I am the wrong gender to communicate correctly in this audience also... a thought.. I will try to refrain from those too


,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shut down again

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"though not one of support ( ex cc)"

I did say I hope you find a way to find relief. Is that not supportive? I feel for you, I really do...as a fellow human being with episodic mental health problems I bet I feel it quite keenly too, when compared to the 'Normals' out there.

I could waffle off on some tangent...I'm good at that..the waffle..

Maybe try some non-drug therapies such as CBT or time with a psycologist. Did wonders for me! Drugs only go so far in dealing with and coming out the other side of mental illness, I see them as only part of the picture in this shit....or for some, coming to terms with the fact that the drugs just don't work, allow you to take possesion of the symptoms and bring some relief from it all - some acceptance of self.

Maybe give that a try? If you haven't already.

Sorry, thats all I have ;)

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I felt that I had given you some personal experiences which I hoped would be helpful--thats all any of us have to offer. But much of what you said sounded like me, so I thought perhaps my experiences might be useful.

To say that this board is sexist is as crazy as we all are--cause often I have no idea whether any poster is male or female, nor do I care.

I know how horrible those mixed states can be, and I know the never-ending search for SOMETHING that will fix all this--and those of us that are inclined that way (ME!!) find some comfort in figuring out how meds are supposed to work, so which will work for me (maybe) and what exactly is wrong with me. But as I said, I found that I was making a major career out of being crazy--and that, especially in my case, meds rarely work like the PI Sheet says they will.

Please hang in there, and keep writing us--and keep working with your doc for some relief. I will say again, tho, that dropping the Dex forStrattera will be a real free-fall, as Strattera is like asprin to Demerol.

I really liked your fonts and colors, but they did give me a headache--and I like you, too--whether you want to be liked or not!

So there!

china, who never gives up--its the Nurse in me--the Eternal Caretaker (ug)

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so sorry if you took in any way any of that in your direction. and a general sorry for the venom ..

just when i jump to a notification.. and that would be the second.. to my plea.. and i am critiqued wrt my style when

no prior reading clearly illicited a response,, i get mad..

we loose so many when this illness takes us, even more as one plunges deeper into it's grasp, it hurts to see your

arm chopped of by those you would expect to understand ,,, if anyone could,,, the ordeals of life/drugs more drugs and

no one to share with, cuz they have no idea or you scare them to death (clearly I do that everywhere) with what you have

to take for medication JUST to get thru the day...

again I THANK you for staying in there and all you have said .. I know you are sincere and your support is super Much Appreciated CC.

BLINK LIGHT BULB>>> MANIC VISION SEE ABOVE ahhh edit buttons... let's see if they work

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I dont remember if ive read your prior posts. So, I will just address this one. You are on a lot of meds and if my comprehension is correct - your pdoc lets you safely experiment. for you, that may be a good thing. however, for a lot of us there is not much room for experimentation.

Ive never been on any of your meds. so i have no advice or ability to understand. I understand bp2...but i know nothing of your meds. So, in most cases, I would not respond to a post like yours because I truly have nothing to offer.

and Im not ADD. so i dont know what thats like either.


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