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honesty w/therapist

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Does my therapist need to know everything? Even things I'd normally take the 5th on? (no major crimes)--just one embarassing thing. Let's just say it's the oldest profession. One of many careers (I'm bp) i've had. Do you think it matters? Thus far I've avoided talking about anything sex-related with him, maybe 'cause I'm female. Thanks in advance.

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The more your therapist knows about you, the more he can help you. This includes the unpleasant and embarassing parts of life. Maybe you don't need to mention this right away, but if you're talking about jobs or sex or anything where it might be relevant than you really do need to include it.

I know it will be difficult to talk about this, but therapy is work and you get out of it what you put into it.


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Guest secret

Do YOU feel it's important to discuss? That's probably how I would decide. I'm such a newbie w/so little experience with counseling though it's just my opinion.

I'd say you probably cannot shock a therapist but what do I know?...well except what Fiona says, it's WORK and you get out of it what you put into it.

My chicken shit way of dealing with most of my traumatic history is to pretend it never happened, of course waking up feeling rage out of the blue may be a clue that's not the best way to resolve issues.

I do know that docs in counseling/therapy have good people reading skills and both my pdoc and tdoc let me skip over painful stuff. In the end it's all about you, right?

So what do you think you'll do?


Hi guys, thank you so much for all of your advice! chUCKIT, I have to say I'm with you here in many ways. i'm just as ambivalent. i'm a total newbie too. never ever had therapy before, went straight to the psychotropics after things got really bad. i've only had 3 evaluation sessions with the tdoc so far. he's sooo nice. i don't know if i was traumatized by the experience. i did other nutty stuff during the time, i thought i was so brilliant. i think it's more just another example of my disorder than something that is continuing to plague me--but what do I know. I've spent my life retelling my history to myself in normalizing terms, trying to scratch out all the parts i don't like. some things are such big stains they're difficult to overlook. i have no trouble coming up with endless material for him and me to work on. i could potentially keep batting breakthroughs out the park for a long time without ever having to dip into this very embarassing material. it's nice of your docs to let you skip over painful stuff but shouldn't a good doc eventually make you face it? alot of the wacky stuff i've done now strike me as very funny. if i ever did tell my tdoc, i might have a good giggle and be utterly horrified at the same time.

final analysis: i will tell him if i feel he will never reveal it. i think there are cases in which tdoc-patient confidentiality can be broken, e.g. if he sues you to collect on very late payment. heaven only knows what could happen for a tdoc to turn on you.


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I'm in therapy for Hydro abuse/suicide ;) .

From my experience of it, it seems to be a search for them.

They search for ANY issue to blow it up, and make you think it is a problem.

Even though it might be something the next person might do as well.

It's just that your in the office coughing up the cash.

Therapy is good. Don't get me wrong. :P

It's up to you as a patient to talk the issue, and reason with the therapist as to

their angles of treatment.

I am told frequently:" Your all right.......It's the rest of the world that is all fucked up!"

I believe they are right. :)


Gotta have a sense of humor to get through life.



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