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How about Richard Jenni ?

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Did everyone hear about Richard Jenni commiting suicide? His family released a statement that he had been suffreing from

clinical depression with paranoid delusions. I've never really heard of the combination of the two but I guess that it's a pretty bad deal.

He was such a funny guy and seemed top have so much going for him. I think it is a real tragedy when anyone kills themself. It is just more shocking when it is someone famous who would seem to have so much going for them.

I guess it just shows that depression is an equal opportunity disease that can strike anyone no matter what their station inlife. It is admirable that his family issued a statement about his suicide and its cause to bring attention to the struggle of all of those that are suffering with mental illness.

He was a very funny comedian and his humor will be missed.

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Yes, I read about that too. I think that the family did a good thing to release his recent diagnosis. They put in their statement something like, "He was not depressed over the state of his career or physical illness.... He was not down or blue, he was ill."

Thank you, Jeni family. This kind of death is horrible, and the only thing more horrible is that it's shrouded in mystery because of stigma. It's the best thing the family can do-- they can't bring him back. But the stigma no longer applies to him, so they can make public the cause. And shed some light on the nature of the darkness.

There's another topic on the CB's about what those of us with MI who have varying degrees of social acceptability or functionality can do to fight stigma. People have different ideas about who should be "out" first, the ones who wear the suits, or the ones who "have trouble finding matching socks" to go to their doctor's appointments. ;) The jury in my mind is still out on that one.

But anytime someone can find a way to "raise awareness," with the public is something that takes courage and compassion for those who can still be helped. The Jeni family doesn't have to say anything, they could push it under the rug like so many other families have done. There's no reason for them to clarify the situation to anyone-- none of it will turn back the clock for their loved one. But they did and that gives me hope.

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I will miss "Platypus Man".

He was a damn funny comedian.

""One only needs to have a family member or friend with a mental illness to understand that there is nothing rational, predictable, or fair about these diseases. Mental illness is as serious as any physical affliction and can be just as devastating," they wrote.

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked "donations be made to Mental Health America (www.nmha.org) where a memorial fund has been set up in his name.""


Yeah. We understand.

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