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Camoflaged Conditions

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I'm brand new here, It seems I have a few days off waiting to see what the hell the Army wants to do with me. No.. I don't cross dress, although I would probably look good in a.... never mind. I am trying to find more out about what I have said doesn't exhist for the past +- 15 years (denial).

If any prior service guys/gals are around that have dealt with the Medical review boards I sure would welcome the info.

I look forward to hearing how sick everyone is.


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My husband managed to serve 3 years in the army despite going from the nuthouse to an army recruiter station. While he was never taken in for review, he did manage to gather quite an impressive Article 15 collection ;)

Did you lie on any of your intake paperwork?

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I have been through the medical review board with the Army Guard. It was tough. It seemed like the paperwork would never end. Really, about the only useful advice I can give you is make sure you have everything in writing and if you don't understand something--ask.

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Hi welcome! Glad you found us.

Here is some information I wrote up some time back for a member in the USAF. Even though you are Army, it should give you a feel for the process since it is all governed by DOD regs.


I am not familiar with the USAF procedures but overall it is governed by DOD. I have links below to the Air Force directive about how the boards and procedures are done. You might want to just scan it. Next is a link for the DOD instruction on disqualifying conditions, with a quote of the Affective Disorders. The instruction is primarily medically oriented.

Medical Evaluation Board USAF

USAF MEB Procedures Directive:


DODI 1332.38 page 64 Disqualifying conditions:

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Wow, all awsome replies.

Alright, I will give, I lied! But it was just one time at band camp.. No, seriously it was about moral not physical/mental and they caught me before I entered. It seemes stealing gas from a school bus wasn't a disqualifier after all. the condition of PTSD was really the only pre-exhisting and no-one gave a shit about that.. I enlisted in "83" and although the math puts me at 23 time in service I had 6 years reserve time, so I am hoping for a temporary retirement to reach my 20 not sure how it works. I have done a shit load of research as you obviously did "airmarshall" thanks for that. I am well was in recruiting for 7 years the Army is so f_ckdup when it comes to taking care of their people now! I am shaking just thinking about it. I say now because this isn't the Army I remember from when I came in. I am on convelesence leave right now because I wrote a letter of reccomendation for relief of myself because I am losing my family and have all but lost my ability to function in society. I am shaking mostly because I am inbetween meds, I came off lamictal and have had just one dose of depikote. probably not the best time to get worked up. Being in recruiting it has made it possible for me to subdue my condition because the civilian Pdoc didn't report to my commander. I happen to know the refference my commander will give the board is going to be to get me out of the Army because he is one of the officers that believe all soldiers are just trying to get over. I can see now the benefit of this site.. I have a difficult time talking to people anymore, but you wouldn't know it huh?..

Sorry about the venting. but I guess you don't need to read it. I am just so goddamn exhausted. Just when I think I am feeling a little bit better I get overwhelmed with something else. I can't keep this shit up and I cant seem to trust anyone enough to let them truely help me. My Dr said I should be in the hospitol for a bit, to get my meds straight, she's no doubt right, I feel like my command will see that as a way to not report to work after my med leave.

I always thought all people had the same type thoughts I try not to entertain when I get mad, and I thought everyone had the overwhelming feeling of anger and hate when others didn't do what they wanted. I am pretty much scared to death of what is to come. If noone relied on me for their next meal It wouldn't be a big deal.. cause I don't much care about me. I used to. I was a real self serving sob. I'll be back when I get a coherant thought.

Thanks for the ear.

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