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Roommies (flatmates)

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I was going to post this one in one of the social anxiety forums but there's so many factors behind it that I think my bipolar is the biggest factor. (others include ADD, relationship issues pertaining to OTHERS' relationships, and silicovaginosis).

So, my last roommate experience (in Baltimore for 6 months) wasn't too bad until I went batty after getting fired. This was a brief mixed state though, it lasted less than 2 weeks and didn't do anything much but arouse concern from my roommates (though, behind my back, the roommate who owned the house apparently had suggested to my parents that I leave).

Well, that and (the whole time), two of my roommies' girlfriends had crushes on me. Well, one of them stopped having a crush on me the second I went batty and wouldn't even as much as look me in the eye afterwards. This is bad since she was the one who had a penchant for staying over half the week.

It looks like financially though, I will have to take on a roommie in the next city I move to (pending acceptance to grad school; if there is no acceptance, my roommies will be my parents for another year --- note that parents make terrible roommies). All of the cities I'm looking at are more expensive than where I live now, and living alone (thus, having to pay all utilities and such alone) looks like it'll seem financially impossible. Or at least improbable.

Especially since I'll be doing a Master's program, which is unfunded (thus relegating me to support from the First Bank of Mom & Dad).

So uh, any suggestions appreciated...

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For me it would depend on the floor plan of wherever I was staying. The more privacy and individual space you have, the more tolerable a roomate becomes ;)

Something where each person has their own bathroom seems to really help!

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Having lived in two and three man rooms in the Army I can tell you it all comes out eventually.

But the longest I was able to keep a roomate was in Korea (not that Korea had any better people), over there my roomate was a nurse that worked the night shift..

Looking back on it, I didn't know it at the time but since I was BP I didn't have any friends to hang out to wake him up if I was out of work early ect.. Getting along was a non-issue.

Maybe check the medcial school bullitan boards or hospitols for roomates wanted.

Good luck;


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i could talk a lot about roommates, but as you know there is a lot to be said for living alone, especially if you're a nut case. i had my own place that i paid for by working while in my last years of college, and right now i get SSDI and have my own place. where there's a will, there's a way. don't write off your parents' help financially. obviuosly they're bad roommies, but they would probably be willing to slip you a few hundred here and there.

if you have to have a roommate or plural roommates, i'd be upfront about how you CAN BE SOMETIMES a bit batty, but you do take meds for it. just as a warning/precaution. that way if you do end up going batshit, they can't say they didn't know. it is hard to do and may scare some off, but is a good screening tool. you'll end up with ones with the least amount of silicovaginosis.

i just think screening them by telling them upfront will save you some hassle.

hopefully no one's gf will have a crush on you! ;) just inform them that you are distracted by sparkly things and that should cure them.

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