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Cymbalta_hell now stopping it

Guest spiderman

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Guest spiderman

I posted a few weeks ago about going on cymbalta and it was going OK. I went up to 60mg a few days ago and the first couple were OK. One thursday morning i took it and i have never felt so terrible. i spent my evening in the hospital and was admitted. just a regular good hospital and i was in the er department for about 6 hours and then moved. my heart rate was about 120 for most of the time and then it started coming down early this morning. i had loads of blood tests and heart blood tests along with a heart stress test. all of them were normal. so the er doctor looked up the cymbalta and was convinced the cymbalta can cuase this in a small percentage of people

so after all day and some fluids they let me go. i call the psych doctor that gave this to me and told him i just coulnd't take it again. we decided to go back to prozac since that seems ok except for some shakiness i get in my hands. i guess that is ok compared to this feeling. my head hurt so much they gave me dialaudid all through the night in an IV. Morphine just wasnt working.

is it ok to just stop the cymbalta? the psych doctor hasnt had alot of people on it and alot of experience with people just stoppping it.

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