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...The FDA received 36 reports over a one-year period of children taking Concerta who experienced aggression, agitation, abnormal behavior, anxiety, depression, visual hallucinations or suicidal thoughts or actions. Sixteen other reports listed Ritalin and other methylphenidates.

Actually those don't sound like very high numbers to me, given how many people have adverse reactions to any class of meds!  I think the media's just all jumpy and obnoxious about these things right now.  Hopefully in the long run it will even out and be a good thing; that it'll encourage doctors and parents to pay more attention when initiating ANY med trial.  But for now it'll just be fodder for the Scientologists and scare people away from trying their kids on meds  ;) At least the potential ill effects of such a pendulum swing shouldn't be as frightening as the one to keep them off of AD's.

And it does need further review; if only to get doctors to look more carefully for early onset bipolar (or family history) before prescribing stimulants.

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