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combining 5-HTP w/lexapro and wellbutrin XL?

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i remember one of my docs telling me a while back that i could add on 5-HTP to my 10 mg lexapro and 150 mg of wellbutrin XL. but i don't remember how high he said i could go with the 5-HTP. 100 mgs? 200 mgs? anyone know?

If you can't remember *which* doctor told you specifically that you could 5-HTP with that much Lexapro and

Wellbutrin then the maximum dose is 0.0 mg. If you can remember and it was that chiropractor that claimed

you have an allergy to serotonin that he can cure you of, there is no question that the maximum you can

safely take is 0.0 mg. Of course, if you do have an allergy to serotonin, this would be a quicker way to die

than some of the options I've seen.

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experience ive had suggests that if u do take 5HTP with an SSRI to limit it to once or twice a week at the lowest dose, which is usually 50mg, and that should give u some kind of response. however, serotonin syndrome (not pleasant) is a potential outcome if you load up on it. id try L-tyrosine (or L-phenylalanine if you dont have an "allergy" to it) instead, since it doesnt interact with serotonin and might augment your wellbutrin without risk of anything except high blood pressure, which you can monitor for.

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