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chore chart

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we have been so switchy and exhausted and out of it lately that chores are being skipped. badly. like cat litter and vacuuming and cooking...

so i got a little kids chore chart with stickers today. lol. it lists each day's chores and you get a gold star for finishing it. what can i say? we're all suckers for gold stars!

we also got a dry erase board that has a full month marked out on it and some markers so we can keep track of what is being cooked when. my roommate is vegetarian and we aren't so our cooking and grocery shopping has lost a lot of its efficiency. i'm hoping this will help. if we both write what we're making each day (and any odd ingredients) then i think we'll have a much easier time!

so here's hoping this ol' multi can get organized enough to not drown in the spring time chores. ;)

and get lots of gold reward stickers! woohoo!!

and of course, the littles got construction paper where the colors are marbled on each sheet. how cool is that?


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